Kill Shot Bravo

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Join the most lethal special forces in the world


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Kill Shot Bravo is a first person shooter where you form part of a group of elite forces that carries out missions around the world. Depending on the mission, you need to use either sniper rifles, shotguns, or assault rifles.

To complete each mission you need a specific type of weapon with some minimum requirements. With the money you get on the missions, you can buy new weapons and upgrade the ones you already have. You can buy new telescopic sights, ammo, and other weapon parts.

The gameplay in Kill Shot Bravo is pretty typical of the genre. You can't move your character, but you can control the aim. With your left thumb you can aim, and with your right thumb you can adjust the telescopic sight, and shoot. A shot to the head is usually fatal, while aiming for the body or legs will inflict less damage.

Kill Shot Bravo is a really good first-person shooter. Although it doesn't really offer anything new or special, it's still pretty entertaining. With all the different missions it has, there's no lack of variety when it comes to the action.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher